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We're developing innovative knowledge & technology to convert classic cars to electric, with a dream to rescue & retrofit vehicles at scale in future.

Melbourne Made Ice to EV Conversion

Melbourne Made ice to EV Conversions

We started with an Audi A3 conversion in an oily garage, way back in 2015.

Now, the Electric Car Cafe @ EVolution is the only professional conversion workshop in Victoria, & our team are leading Australia's electric classic car conversion sector, specialising in the bespoke & custom creation of unique high-quality electric cars.

Bespoke, Beautiful... Functional


The Electric Car Café specialises in high-quality ICE to EV conversions for classic, fleet or specialist vehicles.

We build practical, comfortable electric vehicles that are daily drivers…not showpieces that only come out on weekends.

We’re proudly made in Melbourne. Take your car for a drive on the electric highway.